Better curbs through code

Lacuna’s software lets you see where and how curbs are used, to set reservation times, automate enforcement, model future usage, and to express the best policies to match—when and where you need them.

Stretch the street

Respond to operator and city needs by dynamically adjusting the size and shape of curb zones, as well as operating hours, dwell times, modes, and pricing.

Safe, equitable, sustainable

Reduce congestion through reduced cruising for parking. Improve air quality by lowering vehicle miles traveled. Eliminate double-parked vehicles. Give people better, safer streets.


  • Analyze & simulate curb usage
  • Dynamically express policy
  • Automate enforcement


  • Reserve pick-up/drop-off times and spaces
  • Reduce parking fines
  • Increase speed and efficiency of deliveries


  • Less vehicle congestion
  • Better air quality
  • Safer streets

Learn how Lacuna helps you make the best use of streets.