It takes a village

We envision a world where cities and companies work together to deliver positive civic outcomes.

That’s why we’re proud members of the Open Mobility Foundation, and contributors to open source projects like the Mobility Data Specification. It’s also why we often collaborate with others as we build and deliver our products and services.

Better outcomes through partnerships

We believe we can deliver more value to our customers and the public when we join forces with great partners.

Some example collaborations

Transportation Providers

Developing new data standards for emerging mobility with the companies who know them best

Software and analytics

Designing digital policy APIs that can work at city-scale

Professional services

Together helping cities strategize and execute new mobility plans

Academic researchers

Co-producing novel data simulators that help universities build analytics tools and explore new mobility models

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Developer resources

Our products and services rely on open source code and open data standards. Want to learn more?

To learn about additional partner resources, like synthetic data for testing, sandbox access to services, and pre-release API access, connect here.

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